Returning to Work Stay Covid-19 Safe and Thrive

Many of us are returning to our work spaces for the first time since COVID-19saw a number of us working from home.

Here are some great tips to see you thrive.

Here are some practical steps you can take:

Get vaccinated!

If you have not already been vaccinated, make sure you do so. According to the NICD, this will reduce your chances of getting COVID-19 by as much as 91% and if you do get infected, your chances of falling very ill are also greatly reduced.

Face what’s happening and be real but don’t panic:

COVID-19 poses a real threat and to stay safe we need to do what health experts have advised to reduce our chances of contracting and spreading the virus. That is a reality – acknowledging and accepting it is important but panicking about what could happen does not serve you – these things are likely to not happen and by imagining a series of awful things, you are making yourself take on more stress in dealing with things that don’t exist in reality.

Right attitude and right outcome:

As much as we might not like wearing masks or keeping distant from others or having to sanitise our hands, changing our mindset helps us see the positive and not the negatives. These are the actions that are keeping us all safe. Rather than letting them frustrate you, be thankful that we have a way to reduce our chances of contracting the virus. Be positive!

Build connections with people again:

Check in with co-workers; talk about how you feel; and ask them how they feel. It is in hard times that we often build some of the strongest connections. While we may have social and physical distancing, that does not mean we don’t have to connect.

Safety first:

Wear your mask, practice physical distancing and avoid crowded indoor spaces. Whatever you do, make sure your mindset is realistic and honed in on working towards successes for yourself and not with the many things that COULD (but probably will never) happen.

If you feel anxious: practice mindfulness, meditation, and make sure you take enough breaks to calm your mind. Call the EAP (see the number below) if you need counselling or support

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If you need help or support, speak to the Employee Assistance Programme on:

TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 0800 000 408 


SMS or send a please call me: 083 450 0508